The fifth and final step of the Strategic Prevention Framework, evaluation measures the outputs and outcomes of your efforts. In this section, you can run a variety of reports of other four modules. We have provided a few “standard” reports and you can run custom reports based on your needs. Check out how to run reports here (video link) or contact support @ (email).

Features of Evaluation:

Assessment Reports:

  • Create charts and graphs of your data you have entered over time

Capacity Report:

  • Membership Lists
  • Volunteer contribution reports (hours, donations, etc) 

Planning Reports:

  • Logic Model Report
  • Goals Progress Report
  • Goals Progress Report for different time periods

Implementation Reports:

  • Create custom reports by date, logic model, contributing factor, intervention, or strategy
  • Drug Free Communities Progress Report (provides information necessary to complete the implementation section of the DFC-Me Progress Report)
  • Custom Grant Reports (Contact support @ (email) for assistance in creating a custom report to match your grant reporting criteria


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